Best Ways to Dispose of Old Cooking Oil

Cooking grease is used in most all kitchens and those inside them preparing meals ponder the same question of where they should dispose of this old oil. What we do know is that the oil should never be placed down the drain. The drain will dispose of the oil, but at the cost of clogging your drains and causing quite an unpleasant odor. Don’t despair. Before you need to call Toronto’s Absolute Draining & Plumbing to resolve clogged drain woes, look at these options for disposal of your oil.

Mason Jar

Using a mason jar for oil disposal is the most practical of the options, but you do need jars to do this. If you don’t have them, they’re available for purchase at many supermarkets. Allow the grease to cool for a few minutes and then pour it into an old mason jar. If you aren’t using the grease a second time, toss it into the trash. If you plan to reuse the grease, store it inside the cabinet until ready to use.

Freeze the Grease


Another options for oil disposal is freezing it. Just place the oil into the freezer portion of your refrigerator and a few short hours later, you’ll have a block of oil that is easy to dispose of inside the trash. A large number of people use this method of disposal to rid the oil from their kitchen and you might find it just as beneficial.

Compost It

As strange as it sounds, cooking oils can be composted! Although you need to compost the oil in small quantity, it is a great way to help the environment and eliminate any potential harm to your plumbing system. If you are not already composting, it is time to research the advantages and change your ways.

We’re There When You Need Us

Toronto’s Absolute Draining & Plumbing is one phone call away should cooking oil cause concern in your plumbing system. However, using the tips above is a great way to eliminate the risk of clogged pipes and the need for our service. We’re there when you need us, but why spend money to repair a problem you can avoid?